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“It takes a village to raise a child.”

Everyone is a partner in our community… and Skyy 2 Win is there to bring us together to expand our youth’s horizons fruitfully and productively.

Skyy 2 Win youth foundation has been verified through benevity causes. Donors now have the option to support our youth programs by having donations directly withdrawn from their paychecks as we look forward to helping youth grow through community and sport

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No matter the amount, your touch brings self-esteem, empowerment, hope and skills development to thousands of our community’s youth through the values of the game… Skill development, teamwork, professional officiating, respect and leadership.

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Skyy 2 Win Youth Foundation
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BJ Borden –
Founder & Executive Director
Skyy 2 Win Youth Foundation

What will your donation do?

Help ensure all youth can participate in inter-community sports.

Support and partner with sports programs throughout the community to ensure all kids can join in.

Enable youth to train to become paid professional referees in our community and beyond.


• Support sports camps for all youth to attend.
• Provide food service for camps and other sports offerings.
• Create mentorship programs for our community youth.
• Help provide guidance and direction for future leadership.
• Help youth apply values from sports to their vital academic

• Engage and support vital community programs that provide food,
clothing, and housing where needed.
• Give every youth and family purpose and motivation for their present and future.
• Provide transportation to help kids engage in sports activities.
• Enable youth visions and dreams to soar to life.
• Much, much more….!

Skyy 2 Win Wall of Inspiration

Enshrined in the Skyy2Win foundation for all history, your donation to Skyy2Win is a donation to youth development and personal empowerment of our community through sports and partnerships.